CEO Robert Bradley SR

Mr. Bradley’s professional career includes over 20 years in the aerospace industry in roles of business development, engineer, and consultant. He was founder of three successful companies that specialized in the overhaul, repair and manufacture of critical turbine engine components and in the process formed critical alliances with GE, Westinghouse, Pratt Whitney, the Department of Defence, and many of their suppliers. After a successful merger with Engelhard Corporation Mr Bradley became general manager for the operations in Duncan SC and West Palm Beach Florida and later the General manager for a division of Teleflex Inc located in the UK.

Mr. Bradley returned from the UK and founded MRI Research Triangle Park and focused on staffing in Aerospace and Photonics in 1997 and in the process has developed one of the more successful Photonics staffing firms in the MRI organization having formed client alliances with leading firms in the aerospace, Optics and Infrared Imaging arenas.

To be empathetic to the needs of our candidates and to supply only the best qualified candidates to our clients assures us of our success. We will not try to force positions that do not fit our candidates needs and at the same time we will not attempt to fill a position without making sure that we have found the best available candidates for our clients.