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Manufacturing Manager

Southern, CA

We are seeking a qualified candidate to fill our Manufacturing Manager role located in our Southern California facility. This individual will be responsible to manage the daily output of our production team.

Job Responsibilities

• Manage production organization such that production orders are processed on time with high yields, at low costs, and with high quality.
• Plan, manage and oversee all elements of production in both facilities.
• Ensure that all processes are documented, and that procedures are followed.
• Implementation and focus on visual management techniques.
• Assess and analyze current production methods.
• Work closely with product manager and sales team to ensure customer products are successfully launched and delivered on time.
• Develop and draft an improved production process.
• Design and implement cost-reductive changes.
• Maximize productivity of machinery and production staff.
• Follow product specifications and quality control measures.
• Determine the proper staff for each shift.
• Train, supervise and manage production staff.
• Increase speed and efficiency of processes without compromising quality.
• Develop and implement quality control measures that effectively monitor products and guarantees desired results.
• Ensure all step of production run smoothly and efficiently.
• Educate employees on proper methods in which to operate and engage with machinery.
• Diagnose origin of breakdowns (including human error) and troubleshoot problems.
• Work within set budgetary plans.
• Communicate with customers and vendors to obtain materials and/ or equipment needed.
• Develop and foster an effective cross-training program, and associated matrix.
• Shift flexible – 3 shifts.
• Responsible for Employee Performance Reviews and setting targets.
• Ensure safety practices are implemented and enforced.


• BS degree and/ or direct experience in optical component manufacturing highly desired.
• Demonstrated record in the manufacturing management field including yield improvement, cost reduction, lean manufacturing techniques, statistical process control, and structured problem solving and quality management.
• Must be results driven with a record of accomplishment of significant achievements.
• Good understanding of business principles and practices.
• Excellent management and communication skills.
• Experience in RLG (Ring Laser Gyroscope) component manufacturing and other aerospace and defense, Semiconductor, Medical, Metrology, R&D and Telecomm precision optics component manufacturing is highly desirable.

David Bradley

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