Job Id: 1202

Laser Design Engineer

, AZ

Ideal candidate will be able to work independently to design, construct, and test a fiber laser system from the oscillator to the nonlinear fiber optics stages. Make engineering decisions and procedure improvements to refine the system design and implementation.


  • Initial responsibilities will focus on feature and specification improvements within the laser system containing fiber laser and free space nonlinear optics.
  • Drive performance improvement in supercontinuum light source generation
  • Provide expertise in broadband nonlinear frequency generation methods in SWIR region.


  • BS in physics, optics, or engineering, with advanced degree preferred. Laser R/D experience.
  • Strong understanding of fiber and free space optics.
  • Strong understanding of supercontinuum light source generation
  • Strong understanding of nonlinear optics in both fiber and free space.
  • Strong laboratory skills, including, data collection, data analysis, technical writing, and presentation skills.
  • Experience in light source development for advanced spectroscopy and microscopy applications.

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