Job Id: 1187

DevOps Network Engineer

Pasadena, CA

Closely work with all subsystem teams, software engineers and all control network users and stakeholders to provide a reliable, efficient, cost-effective, and low-maintenance communications infrastructure able to support low-latency and high-bandwidth communications for the OCS.
Engineer is expected to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in fiber optics, high-performance computing, and low-latency communications, to perform detailed trade-studies and analyses on available and new technologies and to prototype critical design elements. This position will report to the Software and Controls Manager.
Position will be based in Chile (La Serena or Santiago), and will have to visit the observatory site (Las Campanas), or travel to foreign and domestic vendor or partner locations as the need arises.


  • Create and review requirements for the OCS networks and DevOps platforms at all sites
  • Detailed design of the OCS networks and DevOps platforms at all sites
  • Collaborate with all the subsystems to define OCS network interfaces
  • Work with external contractors in OCS networks and DevOps aspects
  • Deploy and support functional control and safety networks at all sites
  • Deploy and support functional platforms for OCS development and operation
  • Generate detailed design documentation and schematics
  • Perform benchmarking tests and trade studies on critical hardware, software, and networking infrastructure to support design decisions and show compliance to applicable standards and requirements
  • Debug and solve OCS network and DevOps platform related issues
  • Oversee the contract, commissioning, and installation of the OCS network infrastructure
  • Perform acceptance tests and generate test reports to validate the system after installation
  • Develop a plan for transition to operations, including all necessary documentation and training for efficient operation and troubleshooting of the OCS networks


  • B.S. or higher in Computer Science or Electronics (or similar degree)
  • 5+ year experience with network design and computer administration in telescopes or large science projects
  • Fiber optics design, contract, installation, and maintenance
  • Strong knowledge of the modern network protocols and network/computer equipment
  • System and network administration experience on Linux, Windows and MacOS
  • Experience with high-performance computing and low-latency communications
  • Experience with high-bandwidth, high-speed storage networks and data archiving systems
  • Experience with distributed computing platforms and control systems
  • Experience with Ethernet-based Industrial fieldbuses (EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, etc)
  • Experience with server hardware (x86 processor architecture, memory, BIOS)
  • Experience with types of storage drives (S-ATA, SAS, NVMe, etc.)


  • Cisco or equivalent network equipment certifications
  • Experience with safety-rated infrastructure for industrial environments
  • Experience working with cloud computing infrastructure, such as AWS
  • Experience in scripting languages, such as JavaScript and Python
  • Experience with Agile development and continuous integration

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