Sr. Optical Engineer

Reference Number: KL5417-3
Location: New Jersey


Evaluating and characterizing new optical technologies.


Assuming the responsibility for the optical and color performance of new color-measuring instrument designs, especially in the areas of colorimeters, lighting, spectrophotometers,  and cameras.


Developing the instrumentation and tests necessary for evaluation and calibration of new sensor designs.


Leading the development of new optical and sensor technologies.


Authoring and reviewing patent applications


Working closely with engineering team to commercialize new products.



A Ph.D.  in Optics, Electro-optics, Physics, or Color Science.


At least 2 years recent experience in an industrial engineering environment, engaged in trouble-shooting as well as product development. This experience should preferably be post-degree.


Expertise in the electro-optics of optical and imaging sensors in the context of other optical elements, especially in colorimeters.


2 to 5 years design and experience in evaluation of sensors: Colorimeters, CCD, CMOS, spectrophotometers, digital imaging, and digital cameras.


Matlab experience is essential.


Experience conducting presentations to senior management.


Delivered meeting presentations in optical engineering. Refereed publications are desirable but not necessary.


Creativity, ability to solve difficult optics problems in time-bound circumstances.


Ability to be a team player and a team leader.