Sr. Electro-Optic Engineer

Reference Number: KL5417-2
Location: San Francsico, CA

Position requirements:  

Ph.D. degree in physics, physical chemistry, or engineering is preferred or a MS degree with at least 3 years of related experience in lasers and optics required.

In depth knowledge and ability to apply concepts of optics, acoustics, or RF electro-magnetism.

Experience with advanced concepts in laser physics, classical optics, and nonlinear optics is preferred.

Experienced using software for data analysis and modeling of optical, thermal, RF, or ultrasound device physics or interaction with tissue. Examples include Mathematica, MatLab, Zemax, Paraxia, COMSOL, and Python.

Experienced developing software for data acquisition and hardware control using LabView, Visual Basic, Delphi, or equivalents.

Basic knowledge of digital and analog electronics.